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Raster to Vector

The Process of Raster to Vector Conversion

Computer graphics is available in 1 of 2 forms, the raster graphics and the vector graphics. Raster graphics will break down images into pixels while Vector graphics will break down images into a set of lines that have defined lengths and vectors. If the image is enlarged, the pixels of a raster graphic will enlarge and will appear further apart and will then lead to blocky images. Vector graphic on the other hand will proportionately lengthen each of the vector lines and thus, the image will become large but not distorted. It is for this reason why graphic artists will convert raster to vector graphics.

How It Is Done

TThere are lots of raster to vector conversion program that you can avail online and this is what you can use for the process. Once you have the program, simply upload your images and then choose the format of the input raster graphic. After that, specify the vector format that you want to save the file for. Then you can go ahead and perform the conversion.

Although it is possible to manually perform the raster to vector conversion, using conversion programs can help to save you a lot of time.

Who Needs It

Those who will need to make use of an image for CAD and CNC program will need to go through the raster to vector conversion. This is because these programs can only work with vector graphics. Thus, if you need to edit a raster image through your CAD program, or perhaps cut it with the use of CNC, then you need to first convert the Raster graphics to Vector image.

As soon as you have converted the raster image to the vector image, then you can then save it as Vector file and you can now import it to your CAD or CNC program and begin editing.

Benefits of Raster to Vector Conversion

As stated, one of the benefits of raster to vector conversion is for the image to be possibly edited using the CAD or CNC program. Another benefit for this is that it helps to achieve finer control when it comes to the vectorization process.


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