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How to Select your Photo Retouching Outsourcing Partner

We all know that outsourcing an IT job offshore can save us a bundle. Posting a job locally, going over dozens of resumes, interviewing the selected candidates can be quite a chore.

Once the ideal candidate is selected, processing the hiring documents through human resource personals, paying the employee salary and benefits, assigning computer workstation, office space, parking space, etc all together can cost you a significant amount of money per employee.

Then when an employee leaves, you have to do the drill all over again to hire another employee. You can avoid the entire headache by outsourcing your photo retouching or image editing jobs offshore.

Clipping path, photo retouching, image editing, glamor enhancement, background removal, hair masking or image masking etc are some popular services you can outsource to an offshore graphic design company. You let your outsourcing partner mange the employees and take care of hiring, training etc. You just send them the job and wait for it to come back to you in a timely manner.

However, you have to take some necessary precautions before selecting an outsourcing partner as selecting the wrong partner can cost you a lot. Below are some areas you should focus on before outsourcing your job offshore.


Make sure you are comfortable with the level of communication you get with your prospecting outsourcing partner. If you can’t get your ideas across, then it will be very hard to work with that company.


Send them an email inquiring about their services and see how long it takes them to respond. If you hear back within the same or next business day, then they are pretty timely in responding to their clients. If it takes a few days or a week to hear back, then that would be a company to stay away from.

Start with a Test Job:

Before assigning your main project to them, send one or two test images to see how the quality of service is. If the test images come out according to your expectation, then assign a small project and slowly start assigning more and more work if everything works out well with the small jobs.

Time Difference:

Most outsourcing companies are located offshore which means there is as much as 12 hours time difference between you and your outsourcing company. If you can’t communicate to them during your normal business hour, then it will be pretty difficult to work with that company.

Email and Phone Support:

It is always better to have both email AND phone support rather than just email support. Sending an email and waiting to hear back the next day on a time sensitive project is not the level of support you will be looking at.

Why Stands out as your Image Editing Outsourcing Partner:

We are a Toronto, Canada based company with offshore production studio. Our regular clients have access to direct phone support during their normal business hours. Which means you can call us directly during your office hours on any question you might have on your projects.

And since our production studio in located offshore, you get the benefit of low cost outsourcing. Low cost and local support makes us your top choice in outsourcing your image editing projects.


  • Joolo Media Ltd. is now offering 1 Free Photo Retouching Service to new clients.

    January 2, 2015
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the level of communication you get with your prospecting outsourcing partner.

    December 28, 2014
  • At the end, businesses will have to make a decision as whether to outsource the job offshore or keep it locally.

    December 25, 2014



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