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Real Estate Photo Editing: Make your listing stand out

Real estate photo editing is getting extremely popular among real estate agents and Real estate brokers. Reason is very simple, by using real estate photo editing service, realtors can make their listing look more attractive which in turn generate more views. It is only natural that more views mean quicker sale.

Don’t take our words for it! We will show you some credible references that will prove that the right photograph does sell the house quickly and brings more money in your pocket.

In February 02, 2015 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine, it tells you “How to take photos that will sell your house” and that “Web appeal trumps curb appeal in today’s real estate market.”

In July 02, 2014 issue of Consumer Reports magazine, it says that “Blurry or poorly lit photos can discourage prospective buyers” and shows how to take photos that will sell your house.

If you have read the two articles above, you know by now how important the right photograph is in selling a house.

Most of the home owners and realtors are not professional photographers therefore cannot take pictures that will show the true color of the house. Even someone has a good camera and is good at photography; some houses WILL require some editing to make them look appealing.

real estate photo editingFor example, if you look at the house on the left. You will see there are so many objects around the house that are making the house look trapped. Instead of making it look like an open welcoming home, the picture gives us the idea that the house is un-maintained. Dormant shrubs that are hanging passed the stairs, color less trees and leaves, old curtains upstairs are somewhat folded instead of being clean and straight, old basketball hoops, trash bins, dirty stairs and retaining walls, all these together making the house not look appealing at all.

Now if you look at the side by side picture, you will see that the upstairs curtain has been photoshopped, trash bins have been removed, basketball hoop has been removed along with the car, out of order shrubs have been trimmed, shrubs and trees have gone through photo retouching to make them look properly trimmed and colorful, power and phone lines have been removed to open up the space around the house, paint on the stair and retaining wall have been cleaned, ladder by the door has been removed. If you compare these two pictures, which house you think will generate more views from prospective buyers?

real estate photo retouching

At Joolo Media, we are skilled at doing real estate photo editing and know what to do to make your house look more appealing. The house we showed above had too many things to fix and required quite a bit of real estate photo editing. But for most houses that are shot with a decent camera, we can do sky enhancement and color correction / color enhancement to make the house look more appealing.

We are skilled at doing real estate photo editing for both outside house and interior pictures. For interior pictures, we can do color correction/enhancement to make the house look more bright and more colorful. We can remove flash over exposure and make a poorly lit interior look bright and welcoming.

If you are a real estate agent or a broker, don’t just take our word for it. For real estate professionals requiring regular real estate photo editing, we offer 1 free real estate photo retouching so that you can see our work and judge for yourself.

Just visit our request a quote page and send your sample photo so that you can test our real estate photo editing services. We offer bulk pricing for realtors will high volume orders so when requesting a quote, please mention how many photos you will need to be edited per week/month so that we can offer you the best bulk order discount.

Use our real estate photo editing service and make your listing stand out form the crowd!

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