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Glamour Enhancement

Glamor Enhancement Greatly Improves the Quality of a Picture

If you have old photographs and you want to improve its quality, the best way to this is by glamor enhancement. This is done through Photoshop and it works well with any kind of portraits. The effect that this technique produces to a picture is certainly amazing. It helps to give the image a warm glow which is pretty much similar to the soft focus feature or diffusion lens filter of a camera.

How It Is Done

If you have basic skills in Photoshop then glamor enhancement will definitely be easy for you. To start with, open your Photoshop and then open the photo that you want to enhance. Next, duplicate the background layer by simple dragging it towards the new layer icon that you will find on the layers palette. Then refer to Filter, choose Blur and click on Gaussian Blur. Make sure to set the radius to ten pixels then click “ok”. You need to also set the blend mode of the blurred layer to soft light. You can also choose to decrease its opacity to slightly lessen this effect.

Who Needs It

If you are fond of collecting old photos and sharing them to your friends to social network sites or through your blog, then the glamor enhancement of Photoshop is what you should learn. With this technique, you will be able to make an old photo to appear new. This technique is also used by several graphic artists if they want to improve the quality of a poorly captured image before uploading it on a website. People who have no financial means to spend for the most high tech camera can also benefit from glamor enhancement. It helps them to improve the quality of the picture they have taken even if they are using a cheap model of a camera.

Benefits of Glamor Enhancement

The biggest benefit of glamor enhancement is that it helps to enhance or improve the overall quality of any picture. It works great with portraits, including photos that were taken a decade ago. But aside from portraits, you can also apply this with other types of images.


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