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Jewellery Photo Editing

Jewellery Photo Editing – make your jewellery images stand out

Jewellery before and after photo

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If you are in the jewellery business, then you must know by now that if you want your jewellery items to sell, you need to get them photoshopped. In other words, you need to avail jewellery photo editing or jewellery photo retouching services to make sure that your jewellery items stand out and look attractive enough to your prospective buyers.

At, we understand jewellery and our professional team members have long track record in editing jewellery photos. Whether it is wedding band or engagement ring, pendant or large necklaces, we can bring your jewellery items to life as it shows in real life. Contact us for a trial job and a no obligation custom quote on your project.

Jewellery photography is a whole unique line of photography and lot of good jewellery photographers are making a decent living out of it. But if you ask any good jewellery photographer, he/she will tell you the same thing. If you want jewellery image that sells, you must go through the process of jewellery photo editing or jewellery photo retouching. Shooting a good jewellery image is only the beginning.

The way landscape or fashion photography editing works, jewellery photography doesn’t work the same way. For one to be a good jewellery photographer, he/she must understand the characteristics of every single precious metal and gems out there as each has its own unique characteristics.

Lighting for example, each different gem has its own lighting requirement. If you are shooting a flat stone, you will notice that too much white light will cause your flat polished stones to give up glares. Diffused light will work out best in this type of scenario.

If we look at Cabochons as opposed to flat or Faceted stones, we know that its more important to show the color of such stones as opposed to the shape. So a lighting arrangement that gives out specular reflection going in depth of the stone and bringing out the true color and clarity is ideal in shooting such items.

We at, we understand your product and can assure you the type of edit that will sell your items. Contact us to discuss your project or request a custom quote today.

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